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Alceste 2018

A software for analysis
and decision support
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Alceste is a textual data analysis software created, developed and distributed par the IMAGE society. It's an essential tool for all researcher and user solicitous to analyze textual corpus.
Describe, classify, and automatically synthesize a text : that is the main aim of Alceste.

The software Alceste, it is a textual data analysis or textual statistic, software developed by the company IMAGE, with the collaboration of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). It has perfected over the years and observations from the multiple applications made since 1986, the date of the creation of the company IMAGE.

Alceste, from a corpus, makes a first detailed analysis of its vocabulary, and constitutes the dictionary of the words as well as their root, with their frequency. Then, by successive fractionations, it divides the text into homogeneous segments containing a sufficient number of words, and then proceeds to a classification of these segments by locating the strongest oppositions. This method makes it possible to extract classes of meaning, constituted by the most significant words and sentences, the obtained classes represent the dominant ideas and themes of the corpus. All the results sorted according to their relevance, accompanied by several graphic representations and different analysis reports, allow the user an easy and effective interpretation.

Today : Alceste software is known and recognized as a very powerful tool, ergonomic and user-friendly, indispensable for the analysis of textual corpus and decision support. It processes any type of text, in different languages, and finds applications in multiple domains.

The latest version of Alceste2018 brings a level of ergonomics, comfort and performance that goes beyond what has been known and perhaps even what most textual analysis users can dream of. Alceste2018 replaces Alceste at the forefront of text analysis software. The 2018 version possess a lot of new graphic results, sliding icons, and more.

Describing, classifying, and automatically synthesizing text is the main objective of the Alceste software. The Alceste software and its specific vocabulary are registered trademarks of IMAGE. Any reproduction in whole or in part of the software Alceste and its specific vocabulary made without the authorization of the company IMAGE is illegal and constitutes an infringement.

The main features :

  Vocabulary analysis, grammatical categorization, word reduction and dictionary editing.
 Multilingual analysis (French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish).
 Ascending and descending classification, text-mining, manual thematic classification, indexing of text.
 Coloring and prioritizing classes in order of importance, time analysis.
 Permanent access to original texts in interaction with their dictionary.
 Factor analysis in coordinates, correlations, contributions.
 Vocabulary of cross-variables, correlations of forms.
 Growth curves of vocabulary by grammatical category, by individual and by class.
 Time analysis, proximity disks, co-occurrence disks.
 Simplified or complete cross-referencing of variables or words.
 Cartography of text by class, by individuals, and by textual units.
 Concordance of repeated shapes and segments.
 Comparison of two texts, two treatments, two speeches.
 Detailed report, synthesis report, micro report, comparison of individuals, classes and variables modalities.
 Reminder, AlcesteGraph, AlcesteWriter.
 Simplified and Expert settings.
 Synonyms and words to exclude.
 Module for formatting and cleaning the corpus, a library of variables.
 Word clouds, word sequences and factorial networks by class, individual and modality.
 Networks of forms by class, variable and corpus.

Fields of experience :

 Sociology, psychology: analysis of interviews, socio-economic surveys, career paths of people seeking employment;
 Consulting in marketing, advertising: processing of qualitative surveys, open-ended questions, group meetings, brand awareness studies;
 Journalism, political science: analysis of speeches, political debates, electoral programs, temporal analysis of the collection of press articles;
 Sensory neurobiology: testing of cosmetics, food products;
 Médecine, psychiatrie : Medicine, psychiatry: analysis of interviews of patients and their families, health workers, stories of nightmares or experiences;
 Management sciences: analysis of minutes of general assemblies, economic press articles, strategic intelligence on the Internet;
 Divers : Miscellaneous: Analysis of historical texts, laws, literary works, computer failure messages, claims letters, documentary research, and any other field where the text is used.


THe differente versions of Alceste :

Alceste2018 Education Edition :

This version integrates all the basic functions of the Alceste software.
It is intended for users, researchers and academics who want to process their textual data by taking advantage of the power of the Alceste methodology.
This version is reserved for researchers only.
The Education version includes a set of scientific articles in pdf format, the possibility of publishing scientific publications on the IMAGE website.
A powerful module for formatting and error correction is an integral part of the 2018 version.

Alceste2018 Entreprise Edition :

This version is especially intended for companies and research agencies wishing to process large textual corpus as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the aim of finalizing an optimized activity report.
This version is delivered turnkey, accompanied by a set of services. The Alceste Entreprise solution allows user organizations to have:
 A complete, affirmed and certified version;
 A hotline, expert advice;
 Additional features;
 Possibility of training on site.

Alceste2018 Teaching Edition :

This LAN version on 10 or more stations is intended to be installed in a classroom for learning the method and using different functions of Alceste by students.
This version has a very user-friendly synthesis report, enabling the student to understand the main points of the analysis.
An on-line service allows students to do additional treatment with a small fee.
This service is reserved for students only (on receipt) and for corpora of less than 3 MB.

Prices :

For the prices of all the Edition, consult us : - 33 (0)5 61 33 10 07 - 33 (0)6 14 13 86 19

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