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Textual statistics
Introduction, improvement
Processing work group

IMAGE, place of meeting, practice and reflection offers more than 30 annual trainings about textual data analysis, a real immersion in the universe of text mining. The goal is to give useful keys to built his own knowledge in textual statistics.

The goal is to understand the principle of Alceste software, its basic and advanced functions, its assumptions/hypothesis, its classification, and the progress of the different stages. On a second day, the goal is to deepen/improve the practice of the Alceste software, to master the techniques of navigation, the analysis of the results and their interpretation. Participants bring their data and treat it with the assistance of the trainer. The different settings of Alceste will be exploited in order to optimize the quality of the results.

Goal 1: Give in a short time the necessary means in textual data analysis un order to be familiar with the practice of the software Alceste, its basic and advanced functions.
Goal 2: Empower participants to carry out a textual corpus analysis, format, analyze, study/scrutinize/dissect and select the best results in line with their field of application.
Goal 3: adopt a technique to aid interpretation based on the results of the analysis.

The Summer University in Textual Data Analysis is defined as a place of meeting, communication, sharing of acquired experiences and acquisition of knowledge. The objective of this University is to offer each participant the opportunity to build a rich point of view on the state of the art in Textual Data Analysis, to develop their autonomy to process their own data and to Constitute a relevant methodology in line with its concerns.


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