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Data processing

Specialized in textual ingineering, IMAGE is distinguishable with its methodological spécificity and its technical competence, in interaction with Alceste methodology. IMAGE ensure all type of textual processing, of the simplest in the most sophisticated, and in different languages.


Specialized in textual engineering for it was created, thanks to its software Alceste, Image ensures the processing of any types of textual data (surveys analysis, opened questions, interviews, meetings reports, political speeches, press magazines, etc…) in several languages, gives you a detailed report and an analysis synthesis, and helps you with the counting process.
During a process, from your raw data, Image takes care of:
Audit and compliance of the variables, and their modalities with a view to formatting for Alceste
Standard analysis or thematic classification, constitution of the corpus vocabulary, meaning classes and their profiles, verbatim extraction and mapping, etc.
Counting of results
Choice and stabilization of parameters
Edition of the detailed report and the analysis synthesis
Presentation of the report, assistance to interpretation in order to write a final report.

If you are a student, Image Online will take charge of your textual data processing with Alceste.

After registering, and after you have credit your account and send your corpus, you will receive the detailed report and the processing synthesis of your data as soon as possible.

This service is only available for students upon presentation of university registration certificate. Processing results may in no case be used for profit.

To know the student rate, contact IMAGE at 05 61 33 10 07.



User organizations that choose the Alceste Company solution benefit from the knowledge of IMAGE technical experts. These services bring efficiency, security and peace of mind to their beneficiaries.
The services offered to companies are:
Access to a complete, asserted and certified version including updates;
Software maintenance in the event of a bug;
Fast response time;
Support by Email / Phone Support.



As part of its consulting service, IMAGE, based on in-depth analysis and accurate diagnosis, prepares an audit report, followed by a concrete proposal tailored to your needs.

Whether you have a complete survey, or only for the treatment of a body of textual data, we offer the most appropriate treatment tools for your environment, specific development solutions or the settings that will fully meet your needs.